The Kelly Family

  • Michael Kelly – Father
  • Aileen Kelly – Mother
  • Shay Kelly [44] Engaged to Jamie, legal guardian of Jake (Book 3: Crazy Little Fling)
  • Liam Kelly [42] Married to Melinda, father of Logan, Eden and Wyatt
  • Bridie Coughlan [40] Married to Mark, mother of Erin, Riley and Darcy
  • Alannah Martin-Kelly [38] Married to Haley, mother of Lea
  • Finn Kelly [36] Dating Ellie and Cass (Book 8: Sex, Tries, and Videotape)
  • Brendan Kelly [34] Dating Wade, dad of Baxter and Arya (Book 4: Hopeless Bromantics)
  • Aidan Kelly [32] Engaged to Ben (Book 6: Can’t Get You Out of My Bed)
  • Declan Kelly [30] Married to Heath, dad of Caplin (Book 1: Fake it ’til You Make Out)
  • Connor Kelly [28] Engaged to Josh, dad of Chase (Book 5: Two Men and a Baby)
  • Caitlin Kelly (Cait) [26] Mother of Dylan, dating Jeremy and Miller (Book 9: Three’s All That – 2022)
  • Owen Kelly [26] Married to Blake, step-dad of Jamie (Book 2: Virtually Screwed)

Kelly Family Tree – View the connection between the Kelly family characters in Isla Olsen’s beloved MM romance novels!


Real Good Looking Boys (AKA Spencer’s rugby team)

  • Spencer Cox [Fly Half] 34, dating Will (Book 1: Mr. Big Shot)
  • Charlie Campbell [Scrum Half] 36
  • Cole MacCaffrey [Wing] 34
  • Sullivan Stapleton [Prop] 34, engaged to Drew (Book 2: Mr Right Now – THIS IS HIS BOOK)
  • Deacon Stapleton [Hooker] 27
  • Aaron Wells [Prop] 31, married to Kylie, father of Brandon and Daisy
  • Bryce Kennedy [Center] 30, dating Emme
  • Jackson Downey [Reserve Forward] 27
  • Skyler Mason [Reserve Back] 27
  • Pax Greenwood [Occasional Practice Ringer] 46, father of Kaley


Nora and Ted Goode had four children, all boys. They are:

  • Bennett, who married Eloise and had two children of his own: Webster (Web) and Kip
  • Walker, who married Genevieve and had five children of his own: Axel, Slater, Tansie, Everley, and Tucker.
  • Carson, who never married Lorelai but nevertheless managed to upstage his brothers with a brood of six: Candace, Livia, Harriett, Delia, Poppy, and (finally, the boy Carson always wanted!) George.
  • …and Rock, a late in life baby who gives his mother no end of grief by insisting he’ll remain a bachelor for eternity.